Sao Paulo, Seoul


🌏 19-2, Myeongnyun4-ga, Seoul South Korea (View map)

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👆 Web ⏳ 23-11-2014

Will always go back

elegant environment small place but with very good distribution, even been full, will not give the sensation of being crowded. Ambient music well selected, all international. The menu is only in Korean, but the manager even not fluent in english, he makes the best for you to understand it. The food is fantastic, i only requested a rodizio, the meat comes rare to medium rare, i am sure if the guest requests a little more time on the fire, they will put it, but for me was very good, very soft meat and good taste. Although a bit difficult to find it just by following the advices in internet, i added a better explanation in order to get the location, it takes time to find it but it worth the trip. For the brazilian meat rodizio lover, the only missing thing is the chiken hearts, because even a delicious pinaple with cinamon comes at the end, as traditional. I strongly recommend the visit, specially for us that are in asia for long time and misses a good brazilian style meat.

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